Monday, February 7, 2011

3:15 after school news

Yep you read right. It is after school:P I missed my lunch drink (arnt aloud drinks in class rooms) so I came home and had some juice and cause I had this really strong craving for coco I did and found out it only had 80 calories in so I feel less guilty. Right now I'm drinking juice and watching An American Haunting. My nephew is coming over soon so I might see if I can go on a walk with him to the store get him some candy and maybe gum for me. Oh and if you might be asking "why she drink juice" it's cause I had a bing fest and had to restarted my fast. Yep sucked so trying again. So gum and candy, I'm thinking of buying a bunch of gum cause everyone always asks me for gum and I run out cause I can't say no. Ummm thinking of tea latter or something for dinner. Going to run soon. Running make me feel less hungry so it should be a good idea then I'll shower get ready for bed and do alittle reading before I sleep.

Ok so there were these firemen at our school today. One of them was a really hottie. You should have seen the girl swon and him it was so funny.

Also any questions about me or who I am? Cause I don't think you know all that much. So I'm just going to list a few you don't have to read any of it though

One: I love horror and blood and death just anything creepy really I love it. Weird I know...

Two: I love all music piano, rap, punk, scremo,classical all of it. And for one of the bloggers I read. I love MCR and would totally do him to.

Three: I'm an anime geek love anime so much that it's scary.

Four: I think the teacher from An Amrican Haunting is sexy...

Five: I hate being around people. Like I can stand one person but put me in a crowed and I'll stand there praying that no one touches me.

There five facts anything eles let me know :)

<3 Alice

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