Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh god

hI dont want to sound like a bitch and post twice but im so pissed at myself.

I take American sign language and most of the time its grate but tomorrow i have a sign test and normally im ok with it but not this time. This time he is filming it and ya it wouldn't be to bad if i didn't have to watch it in front of the whole class. A class of 30 people. That and its describing people. Whats wrong with that? I don't want to describe someone and have them flip out and get mad at me for saying something that hurt them. And they have to watch me a fat can i loss 30 pounds in fucking 12 hours...I'm crying right now i feel so pathetic. god im so stupid. I shouldn't have done all the binging and been so lax about it... I cant do it. and i have to. I only have one friend in the class to that i wont have to worry about being mad at me. God so fucking stupid..

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