Saturday, February 11, 2012


I couldn't run yesterday cause i worked till 8:30 (6 hours of walking 600 cal) but i did take my dog for a 30 min walk. Plus my mom made me eat this huge fatty meal. It made me feel sick after but i finished almost all of it to make her happy and took an extra diet pill. So i didn't gain. That good i thought i would be 172 or something. Anyways to make sure i lose tomorrow I'm having 600 cal today (i already had 300 so 300 left for family dinner) and around 2 ish I'm going to run for at least 40 min....i would like to go for an hour to make up sure yesterday but what ever ill do what i can. Also I'm redoing my room (just moving stuff around) not sure if i like the new layout. So ill try it for a week and if i don't like it ill change it back.

ummm. Tomorrow is that start of The Walking dead! Anyone else watch that? I love that show :D! So i have 15.4 pounds before I'm at my months goal! oh my gosh!.....umm ya ill see ya guys tomorrow

Friday, February 10, 2012


Im so tired today. I have no clue why.(lack of food probably) and im working til 8:30 so I wont have time to run. So tomorrow ill do 45 min and walk my puppie for 30 to make up for it. But ya im really tired I might just buy me a poptart but I lost my money. Think my friend might have some but ya. Anyways see ya


Umm so maybe the scale is right? I don't know I'm going to go buy another one next month just to make sure. On the bright side iv lost 7 pounds in one week?(i for some reason don't believe it) I get paid next month BTW so that's why i cant buy it now. I also plan on buying some more running cloths. We shall see though cause i need to make a car payment and have gas money for the month.

I did have cereal for breakfast today...just a little like a hand full and some milk (100 cal) pulse a regular soda for my blood sugar (200) and for dinner tonight soup (250) I'm trying to stay under 600 calories this month and then next month ill only have 500.

I need to bring my grades up this week end. so Ill be doing homework all day Saturday. If i get done early then ill start cleaning and making a work out plan.

Short day today so I'm going to come home and nap for two hours the go to work.BTW iv been posting during lunch so these post might seem short cause lunch is 20 mins and i don't have a lot of time. I try to post at night using my phone but that doesn't work sometimes. So ya lets hope tomorrow I'm in the 160's ^_^ my goal this month it 155 :D
Next month its going to be 144.
Gotta go love ya

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Not really sure if thats right.... 2 pounds in one day?
I did have a slice of pizza for dinner but thats it. Im long eating dinner and have one regular soda a day. I ran for 30 mins then took my puppie for a run. Lots of running. Going to start adding in situps too. I tried to do it today but the puppie wanted to play. He is cute. Taking diet pills too. Ummm. I dont know im tired so goodnight!

Real post.

Ok hi !

Ya and Im making progress. Last night with clothing on and a burrito in my stomach (the only thing i ate that day) i was 173.2! iv lost 4 pound compared to my 177 that was like a week ago.

I bought diet pills and even though it is snowing and fucking cold i have been running. Today im fasting but as much as i want it to be just water it cant. I get low blood sugar and have to drink something like a soda(none diet). If i dont i get migraines and cant do anything for the rest of the day. So today i have had one normal soda(that im still finishing) and i will have one right before work. BTW my job is me walking around for 3 hours with a vacuum on my back. 300 calories if you would like to know ^_^.

I plan to be in the 160's by next Tuesday.

gotta go someones came home

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

your pissing me off so ya im done fuck you

Today...or to night is the start of a new life. I dont care for anyone after today. Im taking care of my self and no one eles. Im not following other peoples rules anymore cause when others try to help it just making the situation worse. Im taking over my life and making it mine. No one will control me doing what I want and it will be fore me. If I mess up then I have myself to blame and its my mess up to fix. Nobody is going to tell me how to live. And mom your baby girl says fuck off and grow up. Your bitchy ways are annoying so stop taking everything out on me im done with you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

thanks Vlad

It was the first time anyone called me fat to my face. Normally they just say im chubby and dont need to worry about it...for once in my life I cant hold back the tears ....i never thought the truth said so carelessly would hurt so nothing will ever bring back that little selfestem thats I had managed to hold on to.nothing will bring it back cause my weight was the one thing that could always get to me.and you played that card...that hurt like help and its hard to believe you couldnt even see the pain flood into my face. I hope I get so skinny that it scare the shit out of you that you see every bone jab out and bruse my flesh I hope when they tell you im in the hospital due to an eatting disorder the guilt eats at you..cause swear im never eating again I was going to do this the healthy way but you ruined it...and you ruined me. Hope your happy when im dead and gone!