Thursday, February 24, 2011


Those of you who are worried about my toilet it is fine i fixed it....and got a gallon of toilet water on my floor. Not my best day...


sandwich=500(school lunch i wasn't sure so this is a high guess im not eating school lunch anymore btw)
Orange =100


Im slightly happy about that i though i ate way more then that but nop.

That sandwich killed me though i think ill just have fruit or chips at lunch:)slowly im getting out of the bing....slowly but better slow then trying to go from one end to another right?


Toast= 180
chips=200 (a guess)
salad =95
for a total of 700. Hopefully i fallow this for a few days.

wish me luck and also im feeling much better. One side of my nose is still clogged but thats about it other then a small tickle in my lungs.

<3 Alice

P.s. my sign test went of i asked people if they would be ok with me signing them so i dont have to worry about someone being mad at me. All i have to do is watch the video and learn to block it out.

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