Thursday, July 29, 2010


Water fast...From now until a little past after school starts. I will loses hopefully around 30 pounds with this...I really kind of like that number. If you notice i did not say it will be starting next week,or tomorrow or something like that. IT is starting now cause i know if i wait ill never get it done... the only down side with starting it now is in a few weeks i will be breaking it for an outing with my grandfather. On this day i will eat very little five normal bites and then nothing more. I will claim i am not feeling well on this day. But on other days i can get away with not eating.

I must lose as much weight before school as i can.

So i can be
a brand new me

<3 Alice

Friday, July 23, 2010


I have no idea what to do with myself. I cant even think. It not that im hungry i eat anyways. What the "F" is up with that. I cant tel my mother no cause i scared with that one little no she will find out everything!

I need to get a back bone. Im going to start walking 3 miles a day. maby running another mile. Or run untell i puke sound more fun.

"There's no need to tell anyone
They'd only hold us down"

Im running today no matter what none stop. I will be thinner in time for school. I will drop all that i can intime for back to school night. Before anyone sees me like this fat pig. I sacred so see how much i am. Im just going to say 180 or over by how fat i look.

Cutting my hair off. Hahaha i dont want anyone to know its me when i go back to school. Then maby i can start over. Ya know, show them the real me. Cause if i can i know they will love me. That they will stop with everything. That maby i can be normal and fit in for once. I just want to be loved ana.

*Stops for stupid girl crying over nothing*

Anyways ya ill try again later

<3 Emily Alice Arizona (or just Alice)

Friday, July 9, 2010


Ya never started my 3 day fast so im starting it today
"Oh ow mommy my tummy hurt"
"Aww my poor baby whats wrong"
"I dont know it just hurts mommy" (saying mommy gets her every time)
"Well try not to eat to much today ok?"
"Ill try"

Easy ans pie....wait i hate pie. also think of deit pills or something not sure yet will see.

<3 Alice

Saturday, July 3, 2010

3 Day Fast

Why only three days you ask?

Well you get all this crap out of my body! Nothing but water. All i have to do is tell me mother that i am not feeling well and she will go along with the whole thing on the third day though she might be like "You want to go to the Doctor" I will simply tell her give it a day or two and if its not better by then we will go. But it will get better mother. For i am the master of lies. With every word that leaves my mouth i have you at my feet. I can bring tear or joy to your life. Believe me on this. So stop fucking with my damn diet plan!

With this three day fast most of the crap will be done and gone with from my body. I will be nearly clean. I'm thinking at least every month doing this simple three day fast to clean it with that crap and junk that feels up over time. Maby even five day fast. With this cleaning maby my diet will work out better. I might even do this twice a month cause it so small and easy.

If this is a bad idea or if anyone has a better idea please let me know

<3 Alice