Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still very sick

I just sneezed about 10 time trying to type the title....and I can't get better. I had to have my dad take me home from school early it got so bad.

What I remember eatting(brain won't work well enough to remember )
half a roll sandwich : 125
chips: 150
cookies: 200
more cookies:135
noodles: 400
1110? Total I'm not sure about my math...
And I sleepy most of the day so I didn't burn anything

eatting is best when your sick though and as much as I'm screaming at myself I have to get this flu out of my body befor I can work with a diet properly but I'm still planing what I eat

835 total

<3 Alice

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Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better really soon!! I too hate it when I am sick as I can not focus and get on with the things I want to do!! Get plenty of rest and lots of vitamins and minerals and you should feel better soon =)