Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day two

Day two off my fast. So far so good. Dont feel hungry or light headed. Feel normal other then my hands shaking really bad. Im sure it will fade.

Tomorrow is day three. I have school on this day and will hopefully be ok. I got a water bottle to bring to school with me so i can drink water through out the day. My mother made my favorite food tonight and i was really Tempted to eat but did not. I told myself that at the end of this fast i can ask her to make it again and will eat it then. The best part about having it is that it is very healthy and will taste even better after. pulse i will be skinner and feel less like a fat ugly pig when i do eat it. Hopefully

I will speak with you tomorrow
<3 alice

Friday, October 29, 2010


So today was ok

I didnt eat much

Tomorrow is the start of my fast. I cant wait! I wanted the third day to be when i had school so there was no way i would start eating a bunch of crap. This way i will stay after school and do homework that "has" to be done and i "need" some help from teachers. I cant eat at school and when it come time for lunch ill just say im "out" of lunch money. I will be buying a water bottle tomorrow that i can bring to school and carry around when i go places. I also thought of how to get out of the family dinner Nov 14 hehehe ^_^

So yea all i got to think of is how to get out off thanksgiving....this one is going to be hard but if it is my aunt cooking ill just say i dont like her food cause i dont.....its gross ^_^ most food is though so

Anyways i hope everyone is doing well at their diet.

Love alice

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I can do it now

Ok my friends

So this time im fasting (i know its a old record playing the same tune) and im ready i have a bunch of tips one from a blogger that i just loved and cant wait to try. Im ready for this i will fast until Nov.14 i have a family dinner that day i will only eat 1/3 of the meal on the plate and even then it will be small and low cal. after that i will be starting a fast again this one will be small like the other one only until thanksgiving then i will do another fast until new year with my cousin we normal eat a lot on this day and after ill will do a longer fast as long as i can until im happy

I will be updating you on the fast and what is going on im ready this time and i know i can do it.