Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Soooooo today's intake

2 pieces of toast= 325
a 1/6 of a hamburger= 89-98
(i binged when i got home)4 baked potato's= 450
-black berries
one cookie= 140

That's a lot but compared to what i was shoving in my mouth every five mins that is a lot better.

Tomorrow i will be having

1 piece of toast = 162
half of a fruit =48
a bite of what i make in foods class=25(might not make anything)
One! baked potato =125
Total=430- 455
hope it will be much better then today and turn out how i plan

I have a bunch of fucking English homework to do and a project that is due on Friday and my partner and i aren't even halfway done. Right now im going to worry about the English cause im pretty much failing that....*sad face*. If i can get that up to a B my grades will be improved...hopefully. I am praying nothing jumps out at me.

Ill update more tomorrow cause i got to print off something for English take a shower and then do some of the stuff for English before heading to bed. Last night was a late nighter to from homework. Man schools a bitch if you fall behind.

<3 Alice ( wish me luck on getting out of the bing crap)

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