Monday, January 31, 2011


I drank so much that i feel full? How on earth dose that work iv never done it before? It is completely weird. Iv been drinking some calories also. After day three though (tomorrow) ill be cutting them out and just going straight water. I had hot coco the warmth of it soother my tummy is such a weird way. I felt kind of bad for drinking it after words. Kind of like i had eaten even though it wasn't food. So I'm not having hot coco again. If i want something warm i can heat up juice or water or something like that. Maybe its just the face of it being like chocolate i felt so guilty over it.

At school in foods class they made cookies. And because its foods one of the rules is you have to try everything. So i went up grabbed a cookie and gave it to my friend XD.

My mother is making dinner for me before heading out with my dead for a date. I'm just going to grab a bowl full and when she leaves either feed it to my nephew or throw it away outside(outside cause she cant see it in that garbage can). I'm thinking of running upstairs for some juice and then maybe seeing if i can walk over to the dollar store with my nephew and buy some gum.

Also question: dose a sucker count as food cause my friend was saying it doesn't I thought it would. Anyone know?

And ok so i normally don't talk about guys on here but i think of you girls as friends i can trust. BUUUUUUUT there is this one guy in my foods class who is really hot. And tall. I kind of tall cause i myself am 5'6 and most guys are shorter but not him. And he isn't like one of those supper skinny made of bone tall guys. He has a normal body (you know not fat mainly muscle)....Ok I'm going way to far into this sorry i will stop now.

Anyways if you want to know anything more about me ill try to tell you

<3 alice

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Anonymous said...

How do you manage to drink until you feel full? If I drink a cup of tea, green or black, on an empty stomach I throw up.