Saturday, February 19, 2011


Today's intake

noodles= 400
2 baked potato=225

Total= 920

Not as bad as i thought it would be and im rather happy with it.

Tomorrow ill most likely have just the baked potato's. for a total of 225, on in the morningish( i say "ish" cause i sleep in past noon) and one at night. Maybe walk over to my sister in laws and help her paint fairy wings. Yes you read right i paint fairy wing and i got to craft fairs and what not to sell them. The walk is about one mile in the snow....

Speaking of fairs! Their is one called the Renaissance Fair. Sure all of you have heard of it but anyways its in may. But i only have about 70 days or less before i have to get an outfit for it and every thing if i can just lose .5 pounds a day before then (35 pounds) i will most likely be the happiest person on earth. I think its setting my goals kind of high. Im scared about setting my goal high because if i dont make them i will just piss at myself more.

Calories aloud per day:350 in order to prepare for the fair

<3 Alice

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