Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello, People

Calories Aloud:400
Intake so far:50

Need to fix that last one.

Last night my very best friend called me fat without a second thought to it. Now if it was anyone else who said this i would of had a fit and started yelling. But with her i took it as a ...well I'm not sure how i took it.

Anyways, The past few bags have been over sized belly after over sized belly. This is something that needs to be fixed ASAP. So today I'm starting off slowly taking it ones step at a time. I have only had half a fruit today i with this could be all but when dinner comes along again i will take it slowly with a smaller plate and two full glasses of water.

My half sister a type 2. and is like 50:50 chance right now of living or dieing. I'm not sure whats wrong yet cause no one will tell me. So it pretty sad around my house right now.

Anyways to day is cleaning day and I'm off to work will let you know how today works out later.

<3 Alice

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mermaids are real!

Ok so their is this video on youtube on how to make a mermaid tail...go ahead laugh such a childish thing right?

Laugh no more!

With this tail on you will be burning twice as many calories then you would have with out it! SUCK ON THAT

So my sister and i are going to make some ^_^

But before we do i want to lose some inches -.- i have maby two to 4 weeks to lose some pounds.....ya

Today went well at first, then i baby sat my nephew -.- i aways eat to much around him cause when i feed him he has to feed me...try telling a two year old no. and as soon as he starts talking i can throw up around him or talk to him about this dieting thing cause he will tell all little kids do -.-. I dont really throw up around him anymore cause one time after he was done eat he suck his finger in his mouth and acted like he was throwing up... that was the only time though...Monkey see monkey do, you have no idea how true that is.

<3 alice

Goal One:160 pound (ya i know im fat 166 pounds at the moment)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



NOt to bad for a side work out if you do it long enough yes yes 5 hours so far HAHA!

Anyways ya just had to say that

<3 Alice

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thanks Mother


My so called "Mother" just called me fat...hmmm ya

She can go burn in hell now ^_^

Anyways Iv had 650 calories today. So that means i over ate and am done eating for the day.

Pluse i have to take off the calories i over ate today from tomorrow to make up for it.

Ummm thinking next week im going to lower my calorie intake by 100

<3 Alice

Saturday, June 12, 2010

La la lala

Todays was....ok could have been better....

Anyways, got a family dinner tomorrow and ya so thats all im eatting for the day....think i can get away with just soup?


Have no need to purg lately. This is good. Yes, i know before i said i would never do this but i just snapped that day at school and didnt know what i was doing tell it was done...and im scared for the next melt down....hmmm

Ummm ya so moving on

Nothing much to say thinking of redoing how i do my posts spend more time on them cause they are really random.

<3 Alice

Saturday, June 5, 2010


So today im already SOL cause of how bad i messed up. So tomorrow we will be starting my 500 cal diet. With 1hour and 30 mins of running and what not. Then cause my mother loves fruit, im gona have her start buying that instead of fatty chips (my dads a pig sometimes). Anyways ya ill let you all know how it works out on the first day.

<3 Alice

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Im back

Good day my bloggers!!

Ok ya its been super long

But anyways let me tell you how iv done

To put it point blank i did shitty during my time gone iv gained almost all the weight back. So now that we have moved into our real new home I am going to start dropping it as fast as i can. School has let out for the summer and by the time i get back to school i want to be thin! Take that bitches!!!!

Ya so im the only person with a room down stairs and i have my own bathroom AND! everything i need for working out is down here! so life is good right now! anyways i cant wait to find out how well you all are doing....damn i got a lot of reading to do

<3 Alice