Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today is a new chance to change

From today on i will no longer slack off. Sorry my post arnt really about anything...ill be fixing that

Tomorrow ,well today really, ill be starting my fast. My mother got her job so it should be a lot easier. Ill let you know how it goes later.

<3 alice

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Im about 175. not a huge change but. whatever. I should have done better.Im going to start getting up around 10:30 to run and do chores. Iv always been a night time person so thats 5:00am my time. im going start writing down everything i eat. Cause i really find the boring and something i dont want to do i hope it will help me eat less.

Think i might just let my hair grow out.....really long. But it dose need a trim so i will being doing that saturday. I have really long soft shinny thick hair. Everyone loves it. I on the other hand hate having to wake up every morning and brushing out the rats nest that forms when i roll around. though its nice when i finish my head hurts like hell for a few hours. It grows fast too so thats nice.

I hate looking in the mirror. All i see is fat. HUGE legs. Cement bag of a stomach. Logs for arms. Wide face. fat fingers and toes. Just everything. I feel ugly being fat.

<3 ALice

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yesterdays intake=nothing

today=two Cheetos.

Thats what 10 cals in the past few days. My will power is strong right now


<3 Alice

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grumble gumble

slightly upset. Mainly just cause all i could do it think about my strech marks. Mainly just from growing(from pubirty maybe from being fat to) i have spent a few hours looking up on linehow to get rid of them. The one that was said to work the best was like $300 for a month. So i looked up some cheep $6 one that im going to try. If any of them work ill let you know.

Thats about it.

<3 alice

Thursday, June 2, 2011

drivers ed -.-

I haven't been able to sleep in alllllll summer and I'm a night time person so it sucks. thinking i might just half to go come home sleep and then get up and do what i had planned. Everything was perfect everyday i had something to do so i wouldnt binge. Now i have to plan around it. Grrrr. So tonight ima be doing that.

By the way BOA- eat you up is and amazing song and if you watcher the video she can dance its so cool.

ya and all my parents are doing is buying junk food. we have ZERO healthy food in the house right now. BUT on the pulse side my mom got her job so i dont have to worry about eating around her and she will be to tired to make dinner.

haven't weighted in in a long time and im scared to. so Going to wait till next Thursday to do that. and ill update you then.

going to get my ears priced. might even do some myself. I love body art.ways going tog new

<3 Alice