Friday, April 1, 2011

V-day two

Today was amazing im doing so well on this. Better then any diet i have ever been on! Its amazing. This feels amazing!

Ok so today i woke up like i do every morning and did my morning goodness stuff. When i went up stairs my mother was in the kitchen she said me made me breakfast. A breakfast burrito. My reply?

"Whats in it?"

Mom:"eggs, cheese sausage-"

Me:" i can't eat it"

mom:"why not"

As this point it clicked in her head and she said whatever in a pissed off voice a stormed off to her room slamming that door behind her.This is her " im pissed of cause i didnt get my way or no one did what i wanted them to, ect" drama. I walked in and grabbed some socks then walked out. Went to school bla bla bla. Then came home. She said she loved me and had calmed down. Then she told me that we are going to eat out for my brother birth day(not the one that left i have two brothers)and that i could get the salad bar they had and what not. So she understood near the end but i wanted to yell at her for the bitchiness she did that morning buti rather not start something.

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