Thursday, April 14, 2011


Weight 177.0?

Yesterday i was 179.0

How did i loss 2 pounds in one day? Water weight maybe?

Anyways i ate around 800-900 calories today and burned about 100 calories so not to well.

Did you know that you can live off milk? I found that out a couple days ago I'm tempted to try fasting with just milk and water now. I don't think ill make it till i cut out more calories so we will see.

Tomorrow i want to try to stay under 700 calories. I think i can do it. Then I'm going to bring the stationary bike into my room and watch a movie or two(or three) wall riding it. One hour burns about 250 calories. total of 750 for three hours:) so i think I'm going to do 3 movies. I'm also going to start doing sit ups every morning and night. start off slow with 30 and every week ill add ten more on. If that 177 is true then at the end of next week i will be in the 160s most likely.

Wish me luck of my Biology test!i always fail:(

<3 Alice

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