Thursday, March 31, 2011

Parents Who doubt you

Anyone else have parents that doubt your choices and do support what you want to do with your life? Today i told my parents that i wanted to be a vegetarian, this is something i have wanted to do for many years now and i finally divided to go through with it. Their reply?

" you cant do that.""you shouldn't bother.""You don't even like vegetables"

Everything they said was a negative come back. I told my friends at should and their reply was better then what my parents said. It kind of gives me the feeling that my friends respect and believe in me more then my own flesh and blood. My mother though was more positive then my father about it. She said "At least let her try it out." The was she said it makes me feel like she suspects me to give up. The more they don't believe me the more i would like to prove them wrong.

I'm sure i already told you that my brother left for training, right? well he sent a letter and he told me to keep up on my homework and get off the couch. Did i find this insulting? This is how he shows me he cares. It is slightly inspiring too. Next time he sees me(late June maybe?) i want to lose 20 pounds. This i know will bring praise from him. Is it weird that i rather seek approval from my brother then my parents?

today i think was for sure 1000 calories maybe 1200 but no more then that.

I hope everyone can take a deep breath and believe that you know you can do something even if other doubt your every move. Tonight at mid night I will feel complete joy at to say that i have made it 24 hours being a vegetarian.

<3 Alice

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zette said...

my mother thinks i should pursue music instead of marine biology. apparently i'm not bright enough for it. kudos to you for making goals&recognizing that your parents aren't great in the encouragement area. you're the best motherfucking vegetarian ever. stay strong, darling.