Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I cant remember the last time i told you guys iv lost weight and I'm going to post it on here the ugly huge fucking numbers. Sorry for the language.

So i started out(after all the binging and weight gain)at 181.6......hug i know I'm sorry

I'm now 179.2....better but not by a lot

This is all from changing my diet i haven't really worked out that much lately but after seeing the numbers drop i think I'm going to start doing it a lot more.

Yep hope to be around 174 in the next week or two. Hopefully by the start of may ill be about 165 that way when i see my cousin and know that she had most likely gained weight i have lost. Funny if it goss on her. Show her whos better. She ALWAYS thinks she is better then me always! so it would be nice to be better then her weight wise.

And I'm doing better in school. The bitch chick who keeps messing with me hasn't stopped but my grades are really good. I'm thinking of having my teacher change my seat but hey i want to see her face when at the end of the term I'm thinner then her cause she is on the thick side herself. i don't know if i can get in the 150s before school ends but if i did i think i would kiss...idk...Ben(male friend SOOOOOOOO TALL!) who i call dad but none the less.

Ben was my friend who held me during my emotional break down too so i think he is a keeper(friend wise). He has been rather nicer to me to now that he knows how depressed i am. I think its his way of trying to make me feel better. What would make me feel better i punching that Bitch in the face until her nose falls off!