Sunday, April 3, 2011

V-day four

Still going strong. I got school tomorrow and don't want to go. But i have spring brake coming up and its a short week so that's a plus side. I'm going to start running again. Kind of stopped for a little not sure how long though. But I'm going at it again starting of slow with one mile then every week pumping it up by .5 of a mile.

So I used to have a friend we will call her M. Growing up we would always hang out being crazy and having fun. some time ago (six or seven years) she told me she didn't want to be my friend anymore. I was heart broken she was my only friend. I tried everything to get her back. Gave her notes say im sorry changing myself. Anything until the point i gave up. So along came middle school and i was so happy i thought i would never have to see her again. Nope i was wrong. She has been in at least one of my classes every year from then on. I see her in the hall at lunch walking down the street anything and everywhere. So the other day in food the teacher put her in our group cause we were one short. At some points it felt like old times laughing and doing random things. Making a sand castle out of my failed gravy attempt. I kind of felt happy for once. Come the end of the class though she went back to her friends. I felt down again. I thought we might be come friends again. Was i hoping for to much? Then the other day i heard the song "when she loved me" from toy story....ya it sucked. Cause its like everything that has gone on with our relation ship. I feel lost sometimes. Cause iv never been able to find someone who i could be so close with like i could with her. idk


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Ewelina said...

hey, I'm Ew. I'm 19 and I'm from Poland. I was wondering if U would like to write with me? I have ED for some time...and now I'd love to come back to what I achieved 2years ago... but I need support... here in Poland a lot of butterflies has gone away and I don't keep in touch with them. so if U want to just answer here, I'll be back ;* stay strong!