Friday, April 15, 2011

Bad day tomorrow better

Today was family night and i normally eat a lot soooo. I did a little work out but nothing that could make me loss weight tomorrow though I'm doing that three hours of biking :D

I'm going to try fasting on the weekends or every other day. Not sure yet. I am most likely cutting my calories to 650. So when i do 3 hours od biking everyday (sometimes more) ill be burning over 700 calories:D. Hopefully ill be able to get it up to 1000 by the summer. I dont know:P maybe ill just cut down the calories?

So my first goal weight is 170
Second 160
third 155....

Ill just put it up in the side bar thing

<3 Alice

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Vendetta said...

Hey, this is random, but how tall are you? :)