Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thank You My New Follower Person ya...

Ya so a lot of peoples blog that i look at have days
were they plan how many calories they are going to eat for that day, but then like ever 5 to 10 day they fast. Good idea, no? So because i am having the hardest time getting past the 2 day mark i thought i would fallow the crowd and plan it out. =D. So that we will try.

Now time for the "why cant you realize what I'm going through right now" moment.

So my friend lets say "Sally" does this online chat thing with people. So because she felt like no guy would every love her she made another account and had that guy love her. Now she told me about this then went on and on and ON! about how she wants a guy like that and how she's never good enough and how she need to work at stuff about her bla bla bla! This person is my best friend and i was sitting there like WHAT THE F**K!!! you are one of the better people i have meet in my life. I also wanted to yell at her and be like "You think your life is so hard! Try hating yourself every waking moment of your life! Not only that but be constantly made fun of to your face! Having perfection then waking up and realizing it was only a dream! AND WISHING GOD WOULD JUST KILL YOU NOW!!!" ya i have problems but i just kept it all in my mouth feeling the tear build up and say if i only had half the looks you got maby then i could stand to look I'm the mirror. So I'm going to shut up right now about that.

OK so calorie plan right?

Will have it all planed out by tomorrow and with thanks giving coming up. Oh dear god family full of crazy eater's what ever will i do!!!!

Talk to you soon and stay strong!

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