Saturday, November 7, 2009

Starts monday!


I know i posted already today but i don't know. i wanted to let you know i will be starting my diet Monday cause tomorrow i have a family dinner there's no way in hell i could get out of. My family very close and loves to eat so that's what makes me dieting really hard. My mother and father think that diets are stupid and if you fat you fat who cares. But they also say that as long as you happy with yourself nothing else matters, well I'm not happy with myself so until i am the it matter. I don't know that didn't make much scenes did it.

On the other hand I'm not going to go with juice. Just cause it has high calories so I'm going to try Crystal light. It only have 5 calories and well that's about it. I think that even though I'm fasting I'm going to try vitamin pill. But i don't know, is that a good idea?

So if anyone has any idea please let me know i would love to hear them.

stay thin!

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