Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family Dinner

Oh my god

I'm really happy with myself. I ate very little and what i did it was mainly healthy so it wasn't to bad.

Tomorrow starts my fast. The hard part is my mom like to make me something to eat in the morning every morning. So i was just thinking of telling her ill get something at school. If anyone has any idea on how to get out of the please let me know i would love to know. Next i got a lot of the crystal light packs so I'm set. Not sure how long I'm going to make the fast last I'm thinking about 20 day at the most (cause this is my first fast and i don't want to push it to the point of stuffing my face with everything in the house). Next off it going to be hard as well cause the fact we have "family night" every Friday and the mean food and load of it. Again any idea on how to get out of that i would love to hear them.

I think it would be best to find a place to sit and draw or read something like that away from all this food in the world. There's a park by my house that i can walk to with trees and places to sit i might just go there. There's not very many places to go that my parent cant find me.

So next off is school. With school you can go online and find out what your child is eating and what day there eating on. I was planing on giving my food to a friend and then if that doesn't work just buying it a throwing it away. And its not wasting food cause I'm just going to throw it up later. Also going over to my friends house anytime i go over they always try to feed me dinner. I don't want to avoid my friend but if it comes to that point ill have to. Also There's the fact that i have friend who all they do it eat and the don't have to worry about getting fat cause they have the best body's. Some people are just so lucky.

OK now the risks with fast wells some of them that i have read.

  1. One is being really dehydrated I think maby if i just drink lots and lots of water that it would help a ton
  2. Is the bad breath, with this I'm just going to carry breath mints every where i go and keep popping them in
  3. This one going to suck having headaches now there not much i can do about this one taking pain kill wont work
  4. Then as always stomic pains now with this i rather just drink load of water and my "juice" that the pain goes away so like wall at school before bed and other stuff
OK so that just some of the stuff I'm worried about and that comes up on every page. If anyone think that these idea of mine are bad let me know i really hate to fail.

Anyone has any idea please please do let me know.

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