Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Im sooooo stupied


I eat way to much today and am about to burst into tear cause i cant do this!Why cant i do this I'm such a loser! God! What the hells wrong with me. I'll starve one day and feel grate about then i have to go and eat making my self even more of a fat pig WITH NO CONTROL IN MY HOLE LIFE!!!! That's it i have this whole week off and i think some of next week all but thanks giving i will not eat YOU HEAR THAT!!!<---talking to myself. Even on thanks giving i will eat as little as i can . nothing over 800 Cal's and then nothing for the rest of the day and if i cant do this i will look myself in my room with enough water for 5 day and will not come out unless its for the bathroom! I will do this and i will not fail!

O my god my brother walk in wall i was typing that! They cant know about this diet. I will be sooooooo dead it not even funny. MY heart is pounding. calm down, breath, in out in out. OK better!

Anyways here's the plan for the next 10 days

1: Starve
2: 800 Cal's
5:100 Cal's
8:110 Cal's

Now if i can do that simple little ten day plan i might feel better about myself and doing a 5 day fast. Then once i can do a 5 day fast i slowly build up my fastest by one day.

I I'm falling in love with so many blogs here. It kind of help so when i do eat all i have to do is come on and read then the hunger slowly starts to fade away and i eat less then i would have.

Thin is in! Stay strong!

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