Friday, November 27, 2009

ABC diet!

ABC diet love the sound of it! Not so sure I'm going to try it right now though maby in a week or so i just want to get used to eating less before i do anything with that kind of commitment.

So my meal plan for tomorrow

One banana=100 cal
water=0 cal

An Apple=81 cal
Weird low cal tea=8 cal

Bowl of rice=100 cal
More weird tea stuff=8 cal

Total of
297 rounded to 300

That's grate!!

note to self: go to store and by apple+ the weird tea stuff

Anyways how I'm doing.
Well I'm scared to meet the deadly red number on the scale so not sure if iv lost or just stayed the same. So I'm sure iv told you about the park by my house, no? I went there today with my art stuff and right as soon as i found a right spot to draw this really beautiful flower some weird guys come walking down the path. So i just pick everything up and start heading home well they start walking faster. So i kind of started walking faster. Then one of them yell something that sounded like "Hey babe"... so at this point I'm about to start running but i just calm down and walk alittle faster. So he come running up to and grabs my hand. First thing i do is turn around a hit him... then i see all he wanted to do was give me my phone that i must have dropped... Has this ever happened to anyone other then me or am i just the only loser in this world...

Life lesson of the day... not every drunk random guy is trying to rape you

Stay strong

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