Monday, November 30, 2009


Im so into it right now i have not eatten all day and! i found out that the first 1-5 day are the hardest part with a fast after that it should be smooth sailing! I can wat to reach day 3 cause the should be the hardest . I dont know i just want to be 140 as soon as i can. But my long term goal is 115 and then the what i want to be all together is 105 or 100. Long way to go but with water fastest you should loss around 1 pound a day ^-^ hehe im only going to try for a 20 day fast now that i read mor into it and i pary that by Dec-25 ill be 140 at least. I want to show my family i prove to them that i can do something right in my life.

And i will

So anyone eles starting a fast let me know ill post and email for you guy to reach me at anytime. Just cause i like my real e mail to stay personal.

And it is

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