Saturday, November 14, 2009


I feel like a worthless loser who can do anything right

So, to days an eat day DUN DUN DUUUUN!!.....Sorry about that. Anyways i don't think I'm going to do the starve eat starve eat. Most 'cause it makes me feel like I'm a failer. So were going to start off with a short term goal. So on Monday I will be starting my fast.

Reasons why i want my room clean when i start my fast
  1. Because i don't want to stress over anything
  2. So i have a nice calm place to read, draw, etc
  3. So my parents don't have a reason to come up and make sure everything OK
  4. Because if i want to be perfect everything around me has to be perfect
Next of all is to make sure no one at school sees I'm not eating. I found out if i drink enough water before and during a class that it can hide the pains and the loud noise if can make that almost everyone thinks is a fart....ass holes. So always have some water or something with me. Then i found this really grate tea! It has only 2 calories in the whole thing and it really help cut cravings. I all so have some new rules to better myself through out the day.

  1. First and for most DO NOT DRAM ON SELF!!!
  2. Speak clammily no one likes it when you yell at there face
  3. Be kind to everyone even the people who are fatter then you
  4. Do home work this can also help with controlling yourself from eating
  5. Don't make rude comment about anything people are entitled to their own opinions!
  6. Do not let anyone tell you what to do you are your own person!
  7. find something your good at
  8. When close to your goal weight find a look all your own
  9. When people ask whats wrong always smile and say its nothing
  10. If your old enough get a job save your parent some money and this way you can go buy close when the old one get to big.
Just ten for now something i need to work on and what not.

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