Saturday, November 6, 2010


~Diet plan~

One greek yogert-130

4 jalapenos-3

One diet drink


Thats it...... jalapenos take away my hunger and the are hot so i cant have more then one at a time until my mouth cools off and it makes me not want to eat also low cal!

I will be running after school this week. Then when i get home i will do some other stuff. hope to burn about 1000 cals.

Also thank you Zette for the comment maybe i can find someone to text when the bing monster feel like coming out.

Anyone live in the U.S.? who likes me?.....or would like to talk with me

Plan to be 108 pound got to make my mother think im 120 though

<3 Alice

(can you believe i spell my name Alive every time)

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