Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hello lovely

So im thinking on how to get out of some of these calories

Bk- i will eat half the toast and 2/3s of the eggs and half of the ham

lunch- I eat lunch at school and i was just going to skip it like always

snak- ill eat it plain no fruit needed

dinner- I will eat half of what is given to me:D

Think it will work? Hope so

In all its (dose math) 419 cal ^_^ MWA HAHAHAHAHHA i mean.....nvm

Then 30 mins of running i can burn about 300 cal ill do that after school

then burn another.....700 cal at home

and then on the days i have P.E. i burn another 200

so how many i burn will be about 1000-1200

Cheer lol

As for me im doing ok. Trying to think of was or reason to stay after school untill it starts to snow then im going to have to run in the snow and well i will burn more them. Also thinking of cutting all but one diet drink a week out of my diet. Pluse i found a food i can it with like 1 cal in it and it makes me feel soooooo full.

Also dose anyone have a good place for thinspos? Im running out of places and im kind of getting tired with looking at the same ones. Also I'm trying to bring up my grade so i have nothing lower then a B. Growing my hairs out really long cause its never been long a day in its like (i like to cut it). Trying to reinvent myself. You know just be a better person. Found a job i want to do it has to do with the dead so im not going to go into it cause some people dont like to hear about death. I have like.....3 guys who have a crush on me... it sucks. Oh and i kind of like a guys
he is funny, smart, not that cute but i dont go for looks(weird i know) he is a HUGE!!!! flirt and that so funny to me. Alose he is two years older then me.....ya he's not going to like a little kid hope this will fade.

Anyways sorry that its jumps and not really planned i have home work to do well it not due tomorrow but still i would like to get it done soon.

Ill try to post a better blog next time

<3 Alice!/profile.php?id=100001778894569

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