Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting back on track

So im having the hardest time getting back on track. I keep eating and eating and eating. I can fast or anything so im going to start off with a 600 cal diet salad fruit all that fun stuff. Then ever....week? im going to cut it down by 100 until i get to zero the ill fast and i found some new tips to make it seem like im eating and ways of hiding it ^_^ anyone got tips be sure to tell me.

Sunday i got lunch with some family so i will have one meal of 600 calories because normally that one meal will feel me up. Ill start off with light burning of the calories ill start off with 100 a day and every week when my intake gose down how much i burn will go up. So by the time of the fast ill be burning 600 calories. Thats got to be alot of pounds.

Ill talk with you guys later sorry everything is so short iv been really busy lately and i am still trying to post.

<3 Alice

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