Monday, November 1, 2010

And the end is to soon

I ate nothing much just alittle. But still food is food. All well there are no more temtations in the house and one little thing was it. So here we go again. I know i can do it this time just need to get past this third day.

For the next three days.

-NO! going upstairs
-NO! hanging out with friends
-NO! going into the feeding room at school
-No! looking at anything with food
-NO! drinks that are not water

-YES! to running every days (it makes me feel full)
-YES! to drink as much water as i want
-YES! to flirting with the hot guy who sits next to me in one of my classes (shhhh he dosnt know i like him)
-YES! to all the thinspo i can take in
-YES! to doing P.E. (i skipped today bad fat cow me)

Later i got to go family here

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