Sunday, November 7, 2010


Im doing a one-two day fast just because of how much i have been eatting lately. Im going to start running after school. Even when it starts snowing ill be out there on the track running.

Im noly going to be eatting 133 calories from now on as well. If im going to have a big dinner i will save them for that dinner. Pluse that way i shouldnt over eat much if i do have to eat. When it come down to dinner ill just eat a small plat of it. Ill be running alot more to like i said after school. I was think 40 mins to an hour. Then come home and do some more work out stuff. Also going to work on my grade mostly Bio though cause i want to be a coroner. Got to work on getting my life together. Grow up a little.

Hope everyone has a lovely day

<3 Alice

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