Monday, November 22, 2010

not such a bad day

I did really well today i was happy with myself. I mean it wasnt the best but for just coming out of a bing party it was good. 600-750 calories it all.

Pretty good?

Im eating a muffin right now. I think it has been an hour from the time i took the first bite. I just dont feel all that hungry (yes i counted the muffin in the calories) but not to bad. Im going to be staying home all week tomorrow cause im sick and the rest for thanksgiving break. On thanksgiving im going to eat normal and take my time. I will take long lasting drinks and talk about before bites So it takes time and i feel full. Because there is only one food i enjoy that will be my largest one and the only one i eat.

Just eat normally talk to others and try to keep food out for as long as you can so when everyone is done and gets up to leave no one will say a thing and if someone dose say you were talking the whole time cause you were.

anyways that was random sorry

<3 Alice

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