Sunday, January 30, 2011

Half way fail

So i ate Saturday. But i fasted today. Also i was so upset about eating I didn't even want to tell you. I fasted today though and from now on i will keep it up. I'm not really sure how long i want this so go for.

And now for a small bit of personal life.

A family member of mine gave us a call. Why? He was in jail and need a 1000 dollar bail and a place to stay. He got in a fight with his wife from what i understand. This is not really that shocking for me. His wife is kinda crazy.

Anyways another thing. All my friends keep say that they are all sad and stuff. Some of them really have no reason for it. Well they do but the reason is something that really isn't all that bad. It puzzles me how human emotions work, such little things can upset us and the way we react to then is blowing the way out of proportion. Then i look at my life and at the things that upset me and in my opinion they seem to be more of a big deal then theirs. Is this how it is for everyone?

Also my new favorite song is: Lights - face up. Just so beautiful in my opinion.

<3 alice

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Kitti-ann said...

I agree fox example I have nothing to be upset about but sometimes I'm upset and I have no idea why...when I'm upset I feel guilty about is cuz there are loads of people who has real problems and thed don't break but me withno problems I fall I'm too weak..and selfish >__< I hate it