Friday, January 28, 2011


So tomorrow i have the first day of my fast... i plan to sleep all day through it.....lazy yes helpful though very. When you sleep no worries of the thought "well just one wont hurt" and i can sleep allllll day Sunday too so that a plus. The only hard part is going to be Monday. That and all the lieing I'm about to have leave my mouth. But i can do it. I know i can.

I'm thinking of taking a nap so i can stay up til who knows when so it will make it easier to sleep all day.

I'm really looking forward to this.

Anyways im off to sleep ill try posting tomorrow

<3 Alice


Annie said...

good luck on your fast girl. :)

zette said...

sleeping through a fast sounds lovely. good luck on the fast&cheering you on for monday. stay strong, little lady.

Wafe_Angel said...

I hope that our fast has gone well well done your soo much better than me.