Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Foods class we had to wright down everything we eat for today and tomorrow. She came around to see what kid had so far and i was the only kid with a blank paper. She yell at me that i had to eat.

My mind: Why so i can be a fat ass forever!?

My mouth: I cant eat before 1:00 or i just end up throwing it all up, it makes me sick i dont know why.

So i had some of what we made in foods so she didnt think anything and i took some home. I had a piece of pizza and some chips with popcorn

I think my total was around= 850-900....maybe more i didnt count.

Tomorrow im not eating. Ill just lie about what i ate. I'm going to start asking my dad for a dollar every day for "lunch" but i will save it and buy myself a scale. This way i dont have to base off of looks and measurments. I will have a solid numerb. The one i want is about 25 then i have to add tax so maybe 30 at the most. So for the next 30 days i will only eat fruit or try to eat nothing and drink water. Im scared of the number. Im getting my computer friday or saturday.

<3 Alice

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