Thursday, March 3, 2011

march 3

My brothers leaving in a few day.and i might not see him for 6 months or longer. So today when everyone was going to meet with some of the people and i wanted to go he pretty much yelled at me and said he didn't want me their. So i was left home alone crying ask what i did to make my brother hate me so much he is leaving in a couple of days and all i wanted to do what spend a little of time with him and he yelled at me for caring. I spent the rest of the day try to not cry when my family got back going over everything i can remember over the past 16 years of my life asking myself what i did wrong? what did i do to make him hate me so much? why cant he understand that he is my brother and although we fight sometimes I'm going to miss him. He is my hero. I can remember being little and playing games with him. Sitting by him on the bus on my first day of school. Him bring me stuff when i was sick for 2 month throwing up. And now he hates me...what did i do. Was it cause i was born. Has he hated me that much for 16 years?

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