Tuesday, February 7, 2012

thanks Vlad

It was the first time anyone called me fat to my face. Normally they just say im chubby and dont need to worry about it...for once in my life I cant hold back the tears ....i never thought the truth said so carelessly would hurt so much...now nothing will ever bring back that little selfestem thats I had managed to hold on to.nothing will bring it back cause my weight was the one thing that could always get to me.and you played that card...that hurt like help and its hard to believe you couldnt even see the pain flood into my face. I hope I get so skinny that it scare the shit out of you that you see every bone jab out and bruse my flesh I hope when they tell you im in the hospital due to an eatting disorder the guilt eats at you..cause swear im never eating again I was going to do this the healthy way but you ruined it...and you ruined me. Hope your happy when im dead and gone!

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