Saturday, February 11, 2012


I couldn't run yesterday cause i worked till 8:30 (6 hours of walking 600 cal) but i did take my dog for a 30 min walk. Plus my mom made me eat this huge fatty meal. It made me feel sick after but i finished almost all of it to make her happy and took an extra diet pill. So i didn't gain. That good i thought i would be 172 or something. Anyways to make sure i lose tomorrow I'm having 600 cal today (i already had 300 so 300 left for family dinner) and around 2 ish I'm going to run for at least 40 min....i would like to go for an hour to make up sure yesterday but what ever ill do what i can. Also I'm redoing my room (just moving stuff around) not sure if i like the new layout. So ill try it for a week and if i don't like it ill change it back.

ummm. Tomorrow is that start of The Walking dead! Anyone else watch that? I love that show :D! So i have 15.4 pounds before I'm at my months goal! oh my gosh!.....umm ya ill see ya guys tomorrow

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