Friday, February 10, 2012


Umm so maybe the scale is right? I don't know I'm going to go buy another one next month just to make sure. On the bright side iv lost 7 pounds in one week?(i for some reason don't believe it) I get paid next month BTW so that's why i cant buy it now. I also plan on buying some more running cloths. We shall see though cause i need to make a car payment and have gas money for the month.

I did have cereal for breakfast today...just a little like a hand full and some milk (100 cal) pulse a regular soda for my blood sugar (200) and for dinner tonight soup (250) I'm trying to stay under 600 calories this month and then next month ill only have 500.

I need to bring my grades up this week end. so Ill be doing homework all day Saturday. If i get done early then ill start cleaning and making a work out plan.

Short day today so I'm going to come home and nap for two hours the go to work.BTW iv been posting during lunch so these post might seem short cause lunch is 20 mins and i don't have a lot of time. I try to post at night using my phone but that doesn't work sometimes. So ya lets hope tomorrow I'm in the 160's ^_^ my goal this month it 155 :D
Next month its going to be 144.
Gotta go love ya

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