Thursday, February 9, 2012

Real post.

Ok hi !

Ya and Im making progress. Last night with clothing on and a burrito in my stomach (the only thing i ate that day) i was 173.2! iv lost 4 pound compared to my 177 that was like a week ago.

I bought diet pills and even though it is snowing and fucking cold i have been running. Today im fasting but as much as i want it to be just water it cant. I get low blood sugar and have to drink something like a soda(none diet). If i dont i get migraines and cant do anything for the rest of the day. So today i have had one normal soda(that im still finishing) and i will have one right before work. BTW my job is me walking around for 3 hours with a vacuum on my back. 300 calories if you would like to know ^_^.

I plan to be in the 160's by next Tuesday.

gotta go someones came home

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