Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello, People

Calories Aloud:400
Intake so far:50

Need to fix that last one.

Last night my very best friend called me fat without a second thought to it. Now if it was anyone else who said this i would of had a fit and started yelling. But with her i took it as a ...well I'm not sure how i took it.

Anyways, The past few bags have been over sized belly after over sized belly. This is something that needs to be fixed ASAP. So today I'm starting off slowly taking it ones step at a time. I have only had half a fruit today i with this could be all but when dinner comes along again i will take it slowly with a smaller plate and two full glasses of water.

My half sister a type 2. and is like 50:50 chance right now of living or dieing. I'm not sure whats wrong yet cause no one will tell me. So it pretty sad around my house right now.

Anyways to day is cleaning day and I'm off to work will let you know how today works out later.

<3 Alice

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