Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mermaids are real!

Ok so their is this video on youtube on how to make a mermaid tail...go ahead laugh such a childish thing right?

Laugh no more!

With this tail on you will be burning twice as many calories then you would have with out it! SUCK ON THAT

So my sister and i are going to make some ^_^

But before we do i want to lose some inches -.- i have maby two to 4 weeks to lose some pounds.....ya

Today went well at first, then i baby sat my nephew -.- i aways eat to much around him cause when i feed him he has to feed me...try telling a two year old no. and as soon as he starts talking i can throw up around him or talk to him about this dieting thing cause he will tell all little kids do -.-. I dont really throw up around him anymore cause one time after he was done eat he suck his finger in his mouth and acted like he was throwing up... that was the only time though...Monkey see monkey do, you have no idea how true that is.

<3 alice

Goal One:160 pound (ya i know im fat 166 pounds at the moment)

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