Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yep yep yep

Sooo I'm doing ok so far think im gona have to step it up cause iv been lazy alote lately.

Things to do in the next two weeks (i like makeing list help for some reason i life having stuff planed)

1: Lose 7-10 pounds
2: Clean room (im talking supper clean)
3: Clean the bathroom my brother and i share
4: Start my "learn a new word everyday" thing
5: Eat only 700 calories a day ONLY!! no more not even one
6: Burn 800 calories a day XD
7: start eat breakfast even if it just toast
8: Come up with some kind of homework schedule
9: Get some books to read
10: Post more

This all starts tomorrow

talk to you soon

<3 Alice

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