Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its been the longest time hasnt it

Sorry for not posting in forever grr i need to work on that dont i?

Anyways, I'v been doing alot lately i got a 79 on my computer test that i cant re-take pissed me off i worked so hard to do better then a 79!

Ok my mother got me an elliptical for x-mas WOW!!! they just made this 10x better cause i love the elliptical its more like a game then working out for me so it will take alot to get me off.

Had to end my fast and i start school on monday again!! GAA WHY!! Soo umm ya i already feel like a new fast or eating like 120 cals a day something like that cause i really dont want to even think of food right now. So if anyone want to email me and join or something please do it will me fun and it makes it so much better if i have someone to talk to

Not much to say...

Alright if anyone wants to know anything about me send me a question and I will answer it for you in my my next blog ill give it like 2 days.

<3 Alice

P.s. I need to start putting thinspo on my computer and not my phone cause im running out XD

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