Saturday, January 16, 2010


I saw a picture of me from like 5 months ago and i started crying at how fat i am still kind of am but hey this stuff happens. Tomorrow i doing a 300 cal diet and burning 600 cals. Im cleaning my room (that i can never keep clean for more then a week) cleaning the bathroom and taking a bath XD From this day on i will no longer goof off on my diet i will stay strong i will not give into that stupid fat crap that taste "oh so good" i will remind myself every day of my life "Nothing taste as god as thin fills" and i will not stop tell i hit my goal on the dot i can do this and i will not be a slave to food no more by may i want to be at my goal weight. May 1 that my goal and if i fail that then i dont know what i will do...

Hmm the word keep pounding in my head do they not?

Everyone stay strong and make goal they can help more then you think

<3 Alice

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