Thursday, June 16, 2011


Im about 175. not a huge change but. whatever. I should have done better.Im going to start getting up around 10:30 to run and do chores. Iv always been a night time person so thats 5:00am my time. im going start writing down everything i eat. Cause i really find the boring and something i dont want to do i hope it will help me eat less.

Think i might just let my hair grow out.....really long. But it dose need a trim so i will being doing that saturday. I have really long soft shinny thick hair. Everyone loves it. I on the other hand hate having to wake up every morning and brushing out the rats nest that forms when i roll around. though its nice when i finish my head hurts like hell for a few hours. It grows fast too so thats nice.

I hate looking in the mirror. All i see is fat. HUGE legs. Cement bag of a stomach. Logs for arms. Wide face. fat fingers and toes. Just everything. I feel ugly being fat.

<3 ALice

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