Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So i started my new fast today. What fun i love when i fast cause for the first day i never feel hungry the second day i do and the third day is like O.O!!! as soon as I'm on day four ill let you know how that is haha.

Stile try to avoid the evil red number that i swear are lieing!! Anyways today was ok. My mom made me Breakfast!! ugh i hate that! i had to hold the damn thing all the way to school say "Bye mom" "ya ill eat it" the throw it away at the trash can by me 1 period class and have the smell THE STUPIED F**K SMELL fallowed me into the class! Then to top it off our teacher had to bring us "Fat Boys" and there names no like it one little think there are 300 cal!! After saying no for the 3 time she puts it on my desk and walk off then i cant get anyone to tak e the damn thing so i had to "use" the bathroom and stomp on the thing then throw it away . All that and finally it ended.

So that it no food in me as we speak! I win take that "FAST BOY"!!!Btw a fat boy is and ice cream bar thats name speaks for itself. Just in case you didnt know <^-^>.

Ummm yep...Gallon of cold ice water is way to much then i needed for the day haha.

Sty strong

<3 Alice

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