Friday, December 4, 2009


I have failed my fast well i failed like a day or two ago but couldnt bring myself to tell you guys but the sad sad truth has to come out someday.

New Diet plan or new fast all together?

Not sure...

Got any ideas let me know send me an email at

Anyways i hope all of you are doing a lot better on you fast then i have. So today i went through the whole day and did not think of my diet once NOT ONCE!! I was so pissed after the second cookie HOW CAN SOMETHING LIKE THIS JUST SLIP YOU MIND!! I was already on my way to the bathroom to throw it all up but that is not me i will not purge never ever! I rather keep my teeth as health as i can. Plus some other bad stuff that come along with it.

Stay Strong Fast On!
<3 Alice

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