Friday, October 29, 2010


So today was ok

I didnt eat much

Tomorrow is the start of my fast. I cant wait! I wanted the third day to be when i had school so there was no way i would start eating a bunch of crap. This way i will stay after school and do homework that "has" to be done and i "need" some help from teachers. I cant eat at school and when it come time for lunch ill just say im "out" of lunch money. I will be buying a water bottle tomorrow that i can bring to school and carry around when i go places. I also thought of how to get out of the family dinner Nov 14 hehehe ^_^

So yea all i got to think of is how to get out off thanksgiving....this one is going to be hard but if it is my aunt cooking ill just say i dont like her food cause i dont.....its gross ^_^ most food is though so

Anyways i hope everyone is doing well at their diet.

Love alice

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